Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trying Something Else...

Well, I'm trying one more thing on the ants before I finally get to transplant my plants: borax.  I saw here where borax mixed with sugar will get rid of ants in your house.  I guess the sugar is to attract them.  I decided to forego the sugar and just sprinkle the borax directly on the bales where I had seen the ants before.  

It's been raining for days, so when I went out just now I didn't actually see the ants...I suppose it's possible that they are already gone from all the Sevin I've been spraying on them.  I doubt it though and think it's more likely that they are down in the straw.  Anyway, I sprinkled the borax and am hoping when there's another break in the rain I can transplant all my stuff!

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