Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden Progress

Our garden is doing pretty well, with the exception of something which is eating our tomato plants. We picked up some Sevin Dust Sunday and will be using that ASAP. (It rained yesterday.) Hopefully that will take care of the culprits!

The only thing that isn't doing well is our solitary zucchini at the end of the garden. It is growing and blooming, but it's not producing any fruit. I think maybe we should have planted two. Do they need to cross-pollinate? This is something I need to research I guess.

As you can see, our herbs are still doing great! Well, what's left is. Something came along and ate what was left of our cilantro. Oh well...for some reason it wasn't growing very much anyway. I'm really disappointed too because we use a ton of cilantro. For the third year in a row, we haven't had any success in growing it. Bummer! The basil & thyme are great though, and we've used lots of each already. We've also picked several peppers and used those. Now if our tomatoes would just mature...we have tons of them on the plants!