Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden Report

Considering I've pretty much neglected our garden, I'd say most of the plants in it have done great! Our sweet basil plant is huge and has yielded tons of fresh basil. We've made tomato pies, frozen some, and given some away. I need to try my hand at pesto; we certainly have enough to make some. Any other fresh basil recipes I need to try?

Another thing that has done wonderfully are our two jalapeno plants. They have both been loaded down. I've used them in my homemade pickles (cukes from my dad), dips, and of course for jalapeno poppers. I went out yesterday and picked this pile of peppers. Looks like more poppers for us in the next day or so!

Our cucumber has done relatively well, although we've found that we are wasting more than we are eating. It seems like the cucumbers only keep a day or so in the fridge after we pick them. Our remaining tomato plant looked as if it wouldn't do anything for quite some time but finally has several small green tomatoes on it. I'm not sure what the delay was all about, but maybe it will do OK now.

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Janet said...

Beautiful! It's great that you're having success with your garden, Heather! There's nothing like homegrown veggies and herbs! :)